Our modern world is held together by the wires and waves of technology.
Almost every industry depends on hardware, software, and computer
equipment of some kind for day-to-day function. 

With such a heavy dependence on technology for productivity, we rely on functional equipment, data storage, and
maintenance. Having the right IT team on your side is essential to provide the services and solutions for any
technological concerns.

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Storage Management

Storage & Data Management

Data: It’s abstract and intangible, yet enterprises need a whole lot of storage space to keep up with it.

What is Data Management?
Think of a successful business fifty years ago: client paperwork, notes from meetings, and product presentations were all kept in filing cabinets, neatly organized and accessible to the company. As the company grew, so did the filing cabinets to keep up with the extra paperwork.

Storage and data management is all about finding the right virtual filing cabinet for your company—one that will fit and organize all of your data, be easy to manage, while giving you the ability to grow in the future.

What Is Network and Wireless?

A network is your connection to the web. LAN (local area network), for example, uses radio waves to connect tablets,
mobile phones, and laptops to the internet. WiFi, a wireless network, allows you to plug in without the wires. This technology isn’t new, yet finding an IT team to provide a secure network that is strong enough to support your entire business can be overwhelming as it is imperative to its success.

No matter how large or small your company needs are for networking solutions, ITainium will conduct a thorough analysis of your particular business’s needs to create a scalable network with high performance and security.


The cloud remains a mysterious, yet highly sought after, IT service.

Although it is seldom understood, the cloud and virtualization is a worthy investment for your business, and sought after for good reason; particularly as technology and data continues to expand.

Cloud and Virtualization Solutions with ITainium

Cloud and virtual solutions that fit your company’s needs, no matter how large or small. ITainium will conduct a thorough analysis of your particular business’s to create a robust and secure network to fit your needs.


Luckily, ITainium offers mobility strategies tailored to fit your company infrastructure.

Whether you’re in healthcare, looking to launch HIPPA compliant systems, in the transportation industry, looking to supply your drivers with rugged displays, or simply looking to implement BYOD policies, ITainium has the experience, equipment, and understanding to provide
you with the right mobility strategy.

Mobility Services with ITainium

No matter your needs, we will find a solution unique to your company and mobile strategy—providing you with all of the equipment, management, support, and processes you need along the way.


Voice Productivity – For Picking, Replenishment, Cycle-count,
Packing, and any other DC/Warehouse

In our modern world, the demand placed on Supply Chain professionals to
improve the efficiency and accuracy of their DC/Warehouse operations is
greater than ever. As a result, the adoption of voice is fast growing as the right
solution can yield double-digit productivity gains, significant decreases in errors,
and reduced training time for new workers.

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What Is IT Service?

IT, or information technology, relates to computing developments and communications used for the management of data.
This can pertain to web technology, cloud computing, or global information services.

So, as IT service providers, we offer solutions for any of information technology needs pertaining to your business. From
the small necessities, like regular maintenance, to large-scale repairs—ITainium is the primary source for any IT troubles or


IT Solutions for Financial Services

While the gears of the financial market are constantly turning, banks and credit unions need a robust IT system to keep everything running smoothly and safely, on or off the clock.


ITainium’s Solutions for the Federal Government

Security, accessibility, and function are all possible within a budget. In fact, as government budgets for information technology have steadily increased within the last few years, making necessary and overdue updates can actually save the federal government money with less maintenance and more security. Our broad services include:


At ITainium, we have provided years of IT support and security to the federal government. We understand no two branches
or offices are the same; therefore, your particular needs will vary. We provide custom solutions to fit your needs and allow you to continue serving the public for the future.


The Classrooms from kindergarten to college look vastly different than
they did twenty years ago, largely due to the shift toward technology-
focused curriculums.

The structure of the courses, the tools students use, and even the classes themselves have a massive emphasis on computer technology. Educational institutes are now required to provide adequate technology systems to students, as well as secure and functional networks and platforms for these tools to be used effectively.


ITainium’s Solutions for State and Local Government

While the majority of the programs and activities within the government depend on technology to function, an overwhelming number of government offices and branches utilize old, dated systems. Upgrading the more secure, accessible, and high-functioning systems is possible at a reasonable price. In fact, overdue updates can actually save the state and local government money with less maintenance and more security.


At ITainium, we have provided years of IT support and security state and local government. We understand no two branches or offices are the same; therefore, your particular needs will vary.


Continually changing compliance standards, daily record keeping,
frequent budgeting concerns:

The healthcare industry needs regular IT support and equipment updates from a reliable team to stay up and running. HIPPA mandates that all medical information and records held by a healthcare institute be both private and secure, which demands regular IT services and equipment.


At ITainium, we have provided years of IT support, security, and equipment that is up-to-date with HIPPA compliance standards to healthcare institutions.

In fact, ITainium is so dedicated to our healthcare clients, we send regular updates of new healthcare regulations, such as compliant privacy screens and firewalls, to keep your institution informed and make your job easier.


ITainium’s solutions only help your business flourish.

In an industry that regularly pursues expansion, it’s important to have a scalable IT system in place to support your business goals. At the opportunity of growth, your IT system should never be what holds you back.

IT Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is made up of innovators, so it’s no wonder the technology used within the industry is becoming increasingly advanced. Systems such as IoT (Internet of Things) and point-to-multipoint services help streamline your operations within a reasonable budget, but are not possible without customized data storage solutions and connectivity.